NC4 ActivTravel Reporting

August, 2018
Consulting Services


Corporate managers responsible for employee travelers face daunting challenges as they must track travelers, flights, and locations around the globe every day. ActivTravel Reporting provides powerful tools for monitoring corporate travelers.  It is built on an exceptionally reliable and extensible Azure-based cloud architecture.  Users can rapidly access region or world-wide travel activity snapshots, and then quickly drill down to obtain details about individual travelers, flights, and locations from desktop and mobile devices.

The ActivTravel Reporting solution delivers new capabilities that include

  • World, region and country-wide snapshots of all corporate travelers.
  • Highly-customizable reports organized by location (region, country, city, airport), date, risk rating, flight, airline, and more.
  • Automated delivery of custom reports subscriptions that email reports to recipients daily, weekly, or monthly.
  • Traveler search functions for rapidly identifying travelers or locations of interest.
  • Travel activity summary reports by region, country, and date for corporate review and auditing purposes.

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