Product Strategy

Strategic thought leadership

Numerous ISVs and software as a service companies turn to Canviz to help them create product strategies that save them time and effort while increasing their profits.

Canviz’s product strategy experts help guide your company through integrating the latest technologies into your product, while ensuring a seamless customer experience across all devices and digital touch points.

We help many companies turn their ideas into products or help them take existing products and modernize them or integrate them with other technologies and platforms.

Our process typically includes the follow stages.


  • Deliver unbiased technology assessments that look at the best fit for long-term product evolution and line up well with in-house customer capabilities.
  • Highlight on-premises and / or cloud services to develop a well-rounded, cost effective, and secure technology solution.


  • Contribute to strategic product planning and the development of custom product road maps.


  • Provide direction and feedback on User Experience Design (UX) to ensure the end product meets end user needs, is easy to use, and looks great.
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“Our experience working with Canviz has been great. They took our thoughts and ideas and brought them to reality. They were very responsive in resolving any bugs or fixes. We overall really enjoyed the experience”

Michelle Markus
Performance Contract Engineer, Perfection Group

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