Elevate your marketing efforts with SharePoint + AI

Are you a marketer navigating the world of SharePoint but haven’t ventured into the realm of AI yet? Feeling a bit overwhelmed by the AI discussions and sensing the urgency to embark on the AI journey?

🤔 Many marketers share these concerns:

1️⃣ Fear of the Unknown: SMB marketing professionals often hesitate to dive into AI, wondering, “Where do I even start?”

2️⃣ The Stagnation Dilemma: With tech giants embracing AI, the fear of falling behind is real. The question lingers: “Can we afford not to?”

3️⃣ Lack of Data: Marketers believe AI requires a significant volume of data, and they may feel their organizations lack the necessary resources. “Do I even have the data to start the AI journey?”

If you’ve relied on SharePoint for years and resonate with these concerns, I understand. However, there are practical steps to ease into the AI game and leverage it to your advantage.

🗝️ The key is tapping into the rich content in your SharePoint libraries, transforming them from storage spaces into strategic assets. It’s a practical entry point for integrating AI without a major overhaul.

Here’s how SharePoint + AI can elevate your marketing efforts:

1️⃣ Tailored Insights: Utilize AI tools to extract insights from the vast data in your SharePoint application. Gain tailored insights on customers, budgets, ad spends, and more.

2️⃣ Smart Decision-Making: Tailored insights empower smarter and faster decisions, providing a competitive advantage. Dive into historical data, identify patterns, cross-pollinate ideas, and plan effectively.

3️⃣ Process Automation: Streamline your creative flow with AI, preventing content chaos. Task automation, automatic categorization, and draft generation can be accomplished in minutes.

Marketers, stay ahead by infusing AI insights into your mix. Adapt to change, embrace innovation, and sharpen your competitive edge.

SharePoint + AI = Your Winning Combo.

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