Website Optimization

Websites loading faster than an olympic gold medalist

Canviz works with many companies to ensure their web sites load as fast as possible, place extremely well in search engine results, and are easy to use.

Our clients have told us they did not know it was possible for their web sites to load so fast.

Canviz’s experienced consultants analyze and break down your site performance metrics to help you develop and implement optimization strategies. Such strategies may include lightweight pages to meet the needs of mobile users, or AJAX rich sites to provide an interactive user experience. Additionally, partnering with companies such as Aptimize, we can help you achieve up to 60% improved load times with your global user base.

Customer Benefits

  • Faster loads times
  • Optimized user experiences
  • Less expenditures on bandwidth
  • Higher search engine rankings

Solutions and Capabilities

  • Web Site Speed Optimization and Analysis
  • User Experience (UX) Design Services
  • User Experience (UX) Usability Services
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“Our experience working with Canviz has been great. They took our thoughts and ideas and brought them to reality. They were very responsive in resolving any bugs or fixes. We overall really enjoyed the experience”

Michelle Markus
Performance Contract Engineer, Perfection Group

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