Often, we hear our customers asking for ways to be alerted for different topics or conversations in Yammer. Customers want to be able to know when someone posts something negative in order to decide what action should be taken next. While not every negative comment needs a reaction or response, it would be good to be able to have a pulse on the conversation.

Using no custom code, you can easily set up a Flow to monitor selected Yammer groups and be alerted via email when negative comments are posted.


Frequently there are teams behind the scenes trying to analyze the sentiment of the organization and by using this workflow you can start to have a closer pulse on conversations within Yammer. This Flow can be particularly helpful when you have a Yammer group where many leaders are involved, such as a CEO Connection Group.  Within these groups, employees may post thoughts, comments, concerns or suggestions that may be worth taking a closer look. The team monitoring the Yammer group and the team that helps to manage the group would like to be notified and route the conversations in the right direction.

Once a negative comment gets posted an email alert is sent to determine the next step and action that should be taken from the post. 

Additionally, some customers have created a Team channel to use as the place to discuss these comments. You can set the flow up to post within the Team channel. Essentially, this Team can have a dialog about the comment prior to a response to the Yammer post. This could be helpful when a question or a comment is particularly sensitive and needs a few people to weigh in.

Every comment is captured within a SharePoint list. Customers use this list to analyze the negative comments and create additional resources that would help to address the issues or concerns.  Moreover, this would also be point back to historical conversations and find trends to support the needs of the employees.

Finally, a Power BI Report has been embedded in the HR Department HR department communication site for others to view using the Power BI web part. You will be able to visualize the average sentiment daily. Depending on how active your Yammer group is, this may be helpful to monitor during announcements, major changes or leadership events.

We hope this helps you have another way to listen to your employees.  This entire solution was designed, built, and tested in a couple of hours — all with no custom code.

If you start to use this within your organization, let us know which groups analyze the sentiment and what impact it had on the conversations.

Author: Damian Gibbs
Damian Gibbs has been working at Canviz for 6 years - his job... making things happen.