On Wednesday April 25th 2018 at 1PM PST, Brendan Burns, the writer of the e-book Designing Distributed Systems and cofounder of the Kubernetes open-source system hosted a webinar. This webinar focused on creating distributed and containerized applications with Microsoft Azure. Canviz is proud to have developed the labs that go along with Brendan Burn’s e-book and help guide the reader on the path to creating containerized applications with Kubernetes on Microsoft Azure.

The labs for Designing Distributed Systems involve several design patterns and principles that help developers build and deploy scalable distributed solutions:

  • 1.1. Single Node Pattern: Ambassador
    Deploying an ambassador service with NGINX in Kubernetes
  • 1.2. Single Node Pattern: Circuit Breaker Pattern
    Deploying a Circuit Breaker with NGINX Plus in Kubernetes
  • 2.1. Serving Pattern: Load Balancing Server
    Implementing a replicated load balancer with Kubernetes
  • 2.2. Serving Pattern: Decorator Function
    Implementing a function in Kubeless for HTTP endpoint decoration
  • 3. Batch Computation Pattern
    Implementing a containerized batch-processing thumbnail generator with FFMPEG in Kubernetes.

If you are enthusiastic about creating distributed and containerized applications, the labs are freely available on GitHub at: https://github.com/brendandburns/designing-distributed-systems-labs

You can watch the webinar at this link: https://info.microsoft.com/ww-live-designing-distributed-systems.html


Author: Manfred Wittenbols
Solutions Architect at Canviz Consulting. 25+ years of experience in software development. Passionate about UX and improving lives with tech. Started as coder of dESiRE BBS during my teens. Developed several award winning mobile apps involving WebRTC, AngularJS, Cordova, AWS. Currently focusing on Cloud Architecture, implementing projects involving Azure, Kubernetes, Machine Learning, Big Data, Xamarin, UWP. Producer of EDM in my spare time.

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