On the first day of the Microsoft Business Applications Summit in Seattle, Todd Baginski co-presented 3 sessions on building PowerApps from entry-level introduction to implementing hardcore IoT solutions with PowerApps on top of Microsoft Azure.

Level 100: How to build your first two PowerApps
Level 200: Extend Microsoft Office 365 and harness the power of Microsoft Graph with Microsoft PowerApps
Level 300: Creating IoT solutions with Azure and Microsoft PowerApps

Today our team will be present at the expo floor to answer all your questions about Office365, PowerApps, Microsoft Graph and Microsoft Azure. Reach out to us to discuss how to accelerate your business app development and create innovative solutions that drive your organization’s success.

Author: Manfred Wittenbols
Solutions Architect at Canviz Consulting. 25+ years of experience in software development. Passionate about UX and improving lives with tech. Started as coder of dESiRE BBS during my teens. Developed several award winning mobile apps involving WebRTC, AngularJS, Cordova, AWS. Currently focusing on Cloud Architecture, implementing projects involving Azure, Kubernetes, Machine Learning, Big Data, Xamarin, UWP. Producer of EDM in my spare time.

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