Property Manager Code Sample Updates

September, 2017
Product Demos & Code Samples

The Property Management code sample is the ultimate Office 365 developer code sample. It demonstrates how to work with every service in Office 365, as well as other Microsoft services from both web and mobile applications. Microsoft originally hired Canviz to create the sample and continually engages Canviz to continue to update and evolve the code sample. The sample includes mobile applications that provides property inspectors and work crews key information about properties they are scheduled to inspect and repair, as well as providing them the ability to submit photos and comments about their inspections, incidents, and repairs.

The sample also includes a robust web application that provides dispatchers the ability to manage all of the property inspections and repairs for the entire property management company. Developers use this content to learn new and evolving technologies, and to take advantage of code examples to expedite development. Microsoft and their partners presents the training content at code camps, user groups, and conferences worldwide.

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