Track your health, one pill at a time.

Pillo empowers you to better understand your mind, body and consciousness through the power of an easy to use application on your iOS device. Pillo makes recording and reporting your moods, medications, and sleep in an easily, simplistically and quickly with powerful visual results. Pillo graphically shows how your medication, sleep, and moods all interact based on real data reported daily, leading to educated life decisions.





Multi Mood Tracking

  • Track how you are feeling at any time during the day or night.
  • Each entry is time stamped to capture mood patterns
  • Each mood intensity is tracked individually so relationships can be discovered easily.


View a history of your moods, medications, sleep, and how the other items in your life have affected these categories. Customize each of the reports to focus on specific moods, medications, and or sleep patterns and export them to a PDF.


Each section of Pillo gives you full control over what you want to track and how you want to see the reports. Start and stop tracking individual items without losing historical data. Adding and removing tracked items is quick and easy

Get started with Pillo Pro

Pillo Pro offers multiple added benefits over the free versions.
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